Yoshiaki Kakuda

Yoshiaki Kakuda / 覚田義明
Founder & CEO

Yoshiaki started his career with SystemSoft Corp in 1988 where he was responsible for product management for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for SGI. After 7 years of honing his craft, he founded Pencil, an R&D-oriented web consulting firm, in 1995.

His clients includes Megmilk Snow Brand, Kagome, Rinnai, All Nippon Airways, VeriSign Japan and Toyota Caelum. In 2013, he had a 3-month internship with an web agency in San Francisco, providing business consulting to them as a mentor at the same time. Yoshiaki has spoken at numerous seminars across the country to a total audience of over 19,000 to date.

1988年、システムソフトグループ入社。Adobe Illustrator、PhotoshopのSGIプロダクトマネージャーを経て、1995年に研究開発型ウェブコンサルティング会社『ペンシル』を設立。


Norio Murakami

Norio Murakami / 村上 憲郎

Prior to becoming Honorary Chairman of Google Japan in 2009, Norio Murakami was Vice President of Google Inc. and President of Google Japan. After leaving Google, he founded Murakami Norio Office. Executive research fellow / professor at International University of Japan (GLOCOM), Special guest professor of Keio University and Osaka Institute of Technology, and Advisor of Aizu University.

He has written numerous books including “Murakami Simple English Learning Method” (Diamond Inc.). Norio is from Oita prefecture, and he graduated from Kyoto University with a B.S. in Engineering.

Google米国本社副社長 兼 Google Japan代表取締役社長を経て、Google Japan名誉会長に就任。退任後、株式会社村上憲郎事務所を設立する。国際大学GLOCOM主幹研究員・教授。慶應義塾大学大学院特別招聘教授。大阪工業大学客員教授。会津大学参与。


Kan Tsuzurahara

Kan Tsuzurahara / 黒葛原 寛

Kan joined Sony Corporation in 1979, where he produced more than 100 of visual softwares and high vision programs. He launched the very first "Internet Division" in Japan, and directed the operation of more than 6,000 Sony Group websites internationally.

He has organized many public awareness campaigns for better internet utilization, and educated major Japanese companies which drove growth of the Internet in Japan. In 2013, he founded Transpirit Corporation. Kan is from Fukuoka Prefecture, and he graduated from Kyushu University (former Kyushu Institute of Design).



Masahiro Kabashima

Masahiro Kabashima / 樺島 正博

Masahiro founded SystemSoft Corp. in 1983. He is known as the driving force behind the spread of Macintosh culture in Japan as he served as an advisor for Apple Japan R&D team in their early stage and launched Apple Center. He developed the Japanese version of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, MacroMind, Claris and FileMaker, and was the exclusive distributor for them.

He started to develop 3DCG software “SHADE” in 1981 and launched it in 1986. He later founded ExpressionTools Inc., and expanded SHADE sales. Masahiro is from Fukuoka Prefecture, and he attended Tokyo University of Science.

1983年、株式会社システムソフトを創業。アップルジャパンのR&Dに参与し、またアップルセンターを設立するなど日本にMacintosh文化を広めた功労者。Adobe Illustrator、Photoshop、QuarkXPress、MacroMind、Claris、FileMaker等の日本語版開発・日本総販売元。